Hidden Gems
Countdown until Hidden Gems Music Fest 2021!


ATL DREAMVISION*FB_IMG_1627912014606*jpg?alt=media&token=7a2e670e-a84c-4057-affc-e1840680c0b6

Are you ready to experience a party/dance band that promises to bring excitement, high energy, and leave a lasting impression that will leave you talking for days? Look no further!
ATL Dreamvision Band, led by bassist Rudy Collins and lead vocalist Angel Brown, has a tight professional sound playing all your favorites - R&B, Soul, Motown, Blues. Certain to make you dance and raise your spirits!

THE DUBBER*The%20Dubber*jpg?alt=media&token=8134e71e-ece0-414d-afe7-9f9e715f12d8

In the spirit of the Mississippi Delta Bluesmen, THE Dubber confronts the world with only his words and a guitar. The self- taught singer/songwriter continues to reinvent himself by infusing musical styles for over 30 years. America's Rock, Jazz and Folk, flavored by the international sounds of Reggae, Armenian Music and Afro Beat, is the complex stew that helps him express his blues and completes such a distinctive sound.

THE BROWNSTOWN GRITTY*PXL_20210728_004607840*NIGHT*jpg?alt=media&token=c39d2f31-118a-4e93-b1ac-118354578360

What happens when you take 3 Jazz Musicians and turn their focus to the rhythmic underpinnings of the Godfather of Soul? The Brownstown Gritty will make you groove and make you move!

THE NATURALL*IMG_3097*jpg?alt=media&token=b2de2536-a464-4904-b6f9-084071d5c9a4

The Naturall also known as Dylan Herrick is 18 and has produced 3 albums. He is an extraordinarily talented song writer and gifted producer who seamlessly blends timeless hooks with his own unique brand of hip hop to craft music that anyone can feel

DJ Spudd*Screenshot_20210730-160902~4*png?alt=media&token=1b248f00-e8f6-424e-a665-ea5683ed159e

Playing classic reggae and dancehall music

DJ Cellus*PXL_20210730_020926932*NIGHT*jpg?alt=media&token=3b77365b-4c39-441e-b169-138b6bdf9d75

Spinning Throwback RnB and Hip Hop, All Your Favorites

Dj Michael Mayhem*Screenshot_20210730-160528~2*png?alt=media&token=21286cd1-2d98-4369-a3c6-94ec694fd9b0

Exploring the sounds of House Music, Hip Hop, and Go Go Music